The End

​I am all numb and dry Devoid of all feelings Sucked out of me. I have waited long, too long Not anymore Not anymore I am running out of time I must rush and end this episode Let me gather my nerves And say my prayers I have nothing to fear Let him come And... Continue Reading →


The Last Wish

​Beloved When I am dead Do not cry for me Do not mourn me Do not remember how I was  For then  It would be so vain Do not tell people that I was a good daughter, sister, wife, mother A human For that would be a lie You do not know me You know... Continue Reading →

I wish I too had someone

​I wish I too had someone Who could see my pain My sufferings Someone on whose shoulder  I could rest my head and cry And cry till my tears were dry Someone who could love me Just the way I am And love me endlessly Someone who could read my eyes And stare through it... Continue Reading →

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