Being a doctor, he had a very hectic day. He was tired and a bit sleepy. A bunch of patients were still there to attend. He kept checking his smart-phone for time.

The door opened and a lady entered his chamber. Her face was covered with a dupatta. She was wearing full sleeves clothes. She was accompanied with an elderly woman. There was something extra-ordinary about her eyes. They looked familiar. He tried to remember but could not. She caught him looking so he tried to look other way but the situation got more awkward for him. She was startled and perhaps was shaking too. Before he could understand anything she dragged her companion out of the room who was as flabbergasted as he was. For a moment he could not understand anything. The voices of her companion were quite audible. 

“Why do you not want to see this doctor? He is the best in the town.”

“If I said no that means a no. I am leaving. Are you coming or not?”

He was wondering why a lady would not want to consult him. Hearing her voice made the identity of the visitor clear to him. She was Sarah, his first crush or perhaps more than that, the love of his life. Years ago, she shifted to a new city and he heard no more from her. 

He rushed out either to stop or to have last glimpse of her. It was too late. She was gone, again. He came back to his chair. 

Why did she come in the first place if she didn’t want to meet him or something like that? She could have gone to other dermatologists. There are hundreds of them. May be she came as a patient ignorant of the fact that she would be meeting him. All he could remember clearly about her appearance few minutes ago was her eyes, dark brown eyes. Ha! How could he ever forget them. Those were the little culprits that made him spent sleepless nights.

Little much did he knew that luckily her eyes were the only beauty that was left on her face. Acid melted everything else that should have been equally appreciated. Yes! She was just another victim of acid-attack.


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