Lying on her four-poster bed, face towards the ceiling, tears were streaming down from the eyes to the pillow. Memories kept her awake. She could not bear them anymore yet she had to. Nights were tormenting and so were the days. She craved for love, the love of the person who no longer cared to... Continue Reading →



Being a doctor, he had a very hectic day. He was tired and a bit sleepy. A bunch of patients were still there to attend. He kept checking his smart-phone for time. The door opened and a lady entered his chamber. Her face was covered with a dupatta. She was wearing full sleeves clothes. She... Continue Reading →

The Girl

She feared dark and being alone. She dreaded to walk on streets. She wanted to hide from all the scanning eyes. She hated unknown faces and equally disliked the known ones. Silence was her answer to every question of life. The chirpy bubbly girl inside her was lost the day her modesty was outraged in... Continue Reading →


All the memories of her wedding were flashing before her eyes. Everything went so perfect. Her dress, the venue, the food, the rituals, the decoration all of it were arranged according to her wishes. Even the groom was of her choice. She felt like the Princess going to get married to her Prince Charming and... Continue Reading →

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