I am a Fierce Woman

You silence my voice You trample upon me You do your best to crush me like an insect. I will rise Again and again Louder and louder Stronger and stronger I will fight. You heard me? I will fight. Try to cow me down again I will roast you like meat Think before you try... Continue Reading →


Another Goodbye

I know the way out of your heart To the isle where I can be myself  Just me. You don't have to bear with me All day and all night I don't have to be tied to you To suffocate till death do us apart I know that it is the time To say goodbye... Continue Reading →

A window of stone

I have windows in my house They are not of wood or glass Stone They are of stone. Carved stone Cold stone You can look outside Filter Red filter It opens to a graveyard Ancient abandoned graveyard Dead floating in the air Firm trees not green or yellow Pink No shades Just pink Loud loud... Continue Reading →

The End

​I am all numb and dry Devoid of all feelings Sucked out of me. I have waited long, too long Not anymore Not anymore I am running out of time I must rush and end this episode Let me gather my nerves And say my prayers I have nothing to fear Let him come And... Continue Reading →

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